Dispersant Additive

Ganesh Benzoplast limited manufacturer and exporter of Dispersant Additives,detergent, antioxidant & other lubricant Additives for lube blending. Our lubricant additives are well accepted by prominent oil and lubricant industries in India as well as around globe.

Ganesh’s Ash less Dispersant additives GL 1951

Dispersant additives GL 1951  of Ganesh Benzoplast is an ashless succinimide dispersant oil additive with extended thermal stability. In gasoline engines, our dispersant GL1951 range provides excellent low temperature sludge and varnish control. Prepared using quality ingredients, these additives find application with alkaline detergents and corrosion & oxidation inhibitors, which are used in gasoline & diesel engine oils. Further, these additives are also effective in medium speed as well as high temperature super-charged engines. Formulation of our range is recommended at 0.5% to 5.0% by weight and volume.

Application area of Thermally stable Dispersant additives GL 1951

  • Lubricant and fuel additives
  • Emulsifiers
  • It diffuses sludge, carbon, soot, oxidation products, and other deposit precursors in engine oils
  • The result is reduced deposit formation, less oil oxidation, and less viscosity increase
  • An ash less dispersant additive and have low chlorine content
  • The additive is used in combination with detergent and inhibitor chemicals in crankcase engine oils for improving lubricant dispersancy properties for engines operating under low and high temperature conditions.

Handling of Ganesh’s Dispersant additives GL 1951

  • It is handled effectively at maximum temperatures of 90°C
  • Temperature recommended for long term use is 45°C
  • Ordinary precautions to handle and blend concentrated additives into base oils should be observed

Chemical Properties of Ganesh’s Dispersant additive GL 1951

Nitrogen, wt % ASTM D5291 1.2
TBN, mg KOH/g ASTM D2896 21

Physical Properties of Ganesh’s Dispersant additive GL 1951

Specific gravity, at 15.6°C ASTM D4052 0.915
Flash, COC °C ASTM D92 175
Viscosity, CST at 100°C ASTM D445 350
Color, dilute ASTM D1500 3.0
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