Ganesh’s 2T Oil Additive (GL 2004 ) – two-stroke engine oil additives

Ganesh Benzoplast (Ganesh Group) are manufacturer and exporter of 2T Oil Additive. Apart from 2T Oil Additive our lubricant additives and components range also comprises of petroleum sulphonates,Petroelum Sulfonates, Calcium, Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonate, Barium and Sodium Petroleum sulphonates, TBN booster, engine oil additives, hydraulic Oil additives, gear oil additives, antiwear agents, dispersant, detergents, antioxidants, extreme pressure additives and full range of lubricant additives for lube oil blending and lubricant oil blending processes.

Ganesh’s 2T Oil Additive (GL 2004) is a two-cycle gasoline engine oil additive, which is acclaimed for precise pH value. Gl 2004 – 2T oils additives are used in lube oil blending which find end applications in two-stroke cycle gasoline engines. Our  2T oils additives  available to cater diverse requirements lube oil industries and lubricant blending processes.

Other details of Ganesh’s 2T Oil Additives (GL 2004) are

  • The dilution with formulation of 5.7% by weight (5.5% by volume) is particularly recommended for lubricants to be used in high temperature applications such as air-cooled engines
  • Lubricants formulated with GL 2004 should be mixed at the fuel to oil ratio as per the recommendation*
  • No pour point depressant is required when oils formulated with GL2004

Formulation of Ganesh’s 2T Oil Additive (GL 2004):

Quality Engine Oil Additives by Ganesh Benzoplast

*Recommended to be blended at:
1.0% to 3.0% 0.9% to 2.6%
by weight by volume
in suitable base stock blends.

Application Area of Ganesh’s 2T Oil Additive (GL 2004)

2T Engine Oil additive will meet following performance specifications: For air-cooled engines Boating Industry association TC-W High output, air-cooled tow-stroke engine requirements for lubricants used in high temperature applications

 Properties of Ganesh’s 2T Oil Additive (GL 2004):

Physical Characteristics:
Specific gravity at 15.6 ° C (60 ° F) 0.93
Viscosity at 100 ° C, CST 85
Chemical characteristics:
Weight Percent of:
Calcium 0.46
Sulfur 0.5
Nitrogen 0.85

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