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lubricant defoamer / Antifoaming Agent – Ganesh Benzoplast Limited

Antifoam Agent Defoamer for Industrial lubricants, lube oil Blending

Ganesh Benzoplast (Ganesh Group) are manufacturer and exporter Antifoam/ Defoamer Agent. Apart from antifoaming agent, our lubricant additives and components range also comprises of petroleum sulphonates,Petroelum Sulfonates, Calcium, Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonate, Barium and Sodium Petroleum sulphonates, TBN booster, engine oil additives, hydraulic Oil additives, gear oil additives, antiwear agents, dispersant, detergents, antioxidants, extreme pressure additives and full range of lubricant additives for lube oil blending and lubricant oil blending processes.

Foaming is big issue during lube oil blending – Solve it with Ganesh Benzoplast’s Defoamer Antifoaming Agent

antifoaming agent,industrial defoamer,Ganesh Benzoplast
Foaming is big issue during lube oil blending

Lubricants contains detergents and other components which are susceptible and form foam, Ganesh Benzoplast manufacture defoaming agent for industrial lubricant blending process. Our defoamer/antifoaming agent can be available in customized packing.

Contact Ganesh for your requirement of Defoamer /Antifoaming agent


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