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CNG Oil additive – Ganesh Benzoplast Limited

Natural Gas Engine Oil additive,CNG Oil Additives

Ganesh Benzoplast Limited is manufacturer and exporter of GL 7023 is Vehicular Natural Gas Engine Oil additive delivers superior protection and performance in natural gas engines calling for an SAE-40 low-ash lubricant.
GL 7023 CNG oil additive is formulated specifically to meet the special requirements of natural gas fueled engines used in vehicles and mobile equipment.

 Outstanding Wear protection with GL 7023 CNG oil additive

Advanced anti-wear additive system of Vehicular Natural Gas Engine Oil additive provide enhanced valve train protection, whether roller or slider followers are used. High levels of zinc and phosphorus in GL 7023 CNG oil additive provide outstanding wear protection in mobile engines. GL 7023 CNG additive low-ash formulation minimizes valve stem and combustion chamber deposit formation. It is designed to reduce valve recession, a common problem with low-ash oils, while its thermal stability allows it to effectively combat oxidation and oil degradation. Its balanced formula allows for a high total base number (TBN) to neutralize acids and protect against corrosion while meeting low ash requirements.

Formulation of  Natural Gas Engine Oil additive

Performance Level : SAE Viscosity Grade : Mass %
CNG SAE-40 5.5

Applications of GL 7023 Vehicular Natural Gas Engine Oil additive

GL 7023 Vehicular Natural Gas Engine Oil additive is recommended in mobile applications fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG); including transit buses, medium/heavy duty trucks, refuse haulers, school buses and delivery trucks. It is formulated for applications requiring Cummins CES 20074.

For Additional Information on  GL 7023 Vehicular Natural Gas Engine Oil additive

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