Emulsifier for soluble as well as neat cutting oil manufacturing

Ganesh Benzoplast (Ganesh Group) are manufacturer and exporter Emulsifier. Ganesh’s  emulsifier is widely used during soluble cutting oil manufacturing process. It is easy to formulate water soluble cutting oil and neat cutting oil of desired standards using emulsifier manufactured by Ganesh Benzoplast limited.

Ganesh Benzoplast manufacturer of best quality emulsifier for soluble cutting oils and Neat Cutting oil

Available with us is a quality range of Emulsifier that is a bio-stable, semi synthetic additive, recommended for all machining operations. Processed under hygienic conditions, our range is offered with proposed soluble cutting oil formulation of 12 % to 22 % by weight. Offered at industry leading price, our range is in line with set industry standards.

Soluble cutting oil formulation with our Emulsifier

Satisfactory emulsions can be formulated at 5:1 to 100:1 water to oil ratio in either napthenic or paraffinic base oils meeting the requirements of soluble cutting oil, IS : 1115

Physical Properties of Emulsifier :

Density at 29.5°C 1.01
Viscosity at 100°C, CST 42.1
Viscosity index 105

Our emulsifier is available in customised packing.

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