EPA -Extreme Pressure Additives (GL 1315) formulating industrial lubricants and lube oil blending.

Ganesh Benzoplast (Ganesh Group) are manufacturer and exporter of Extreme Pressure Additives (EPA). Ganesh’s lubricant additives and components range also comprises of petroleum sulphonates,Petroelum Sulfonates, Calcium, Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonate, Barium and Sodium Petroleum sulphonates, TBN booster, engine oil additives, hydraulic Oil additives, gear oil additives, antioxidant, antiwear agents,ZDDP, dispersant, detergents, and full range of lubricant additives for lube oil blending and lubricant oil blending processes.

Ganesh’s Extreme Pressure Additives GL1315 – light colored extreme pressure additive contains 40% sulfur: excellent for blending lube oils like for gear oils, metalworking fluids, and hydraulic Oils.

Ganesh’s Extreme Pressure Additives GL1315 at 2% to 10% by weight is used in paraffinic or naphthenic oils for formulating ferrous metal cutting fluids. Formulated using latest technology, these extreme pressure additives are widely used in machining tough ferrous alloys as well as mild steel and cast iron in various operations such as:

  • Milling
    • Drilling
    • Turning
    • Grinding
    • Light and medium-duty broaching
    • Thread cutting
    • Tapping

    Typical specifications of Ganesh’s Extreme Pressure Additive GL 1315:

    Specific Gravity at 15.6°C(60°F) 1.05
    Viscosity at 40°C 40
    Viscosity at 100°C,CST  5.8
    ASTM Color, Neat 3.5 max

    Weight Percent of Extreme Pressure Additives GL 1315 component is:

    Minimum Maximum
    Sulfur 38.5 43

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