Gear Oil Additive

Ganesh Benzoplast Limited manufacturer and exporter of specialty Lubricant Additives, engine oil additives for lube oil blendeing and lubricant blending.

Ganesh Benzoplast.s manufacture Gear Oil Additive, which is used in various purposes such as manual transmissions, rear axels, conventional differentials, manual steering gears, final drives and all other commercial automotive units. Available in different quantities, these gear oil additives are added in API GL-5 and API MT-1 quality level gear oils. These eco friendly additives improve chemical and shear ability of the oil.

Formulations of Ganesh’s range of Gear Oil Additives include:

  • 25% to 3.9% by weight to meet the requirements of API-GL-4, Automotive, GL-4 IS : 1118 service Classification
  • 5% by weight to meet the requirements of API GL-5 Service Classification
  • 0% by weight to meet the requirements of API GL-6 Service Classification
  • 1% to 4% by weight in selected industrial gear oil and grease applications

Benefits of Ganesh Benzoplast’s Gear Oil Additives GL4020 are:

  • Superior oxidation and thermal stability
  • Excellent wear protection and longer life of gear components
  • Excellent all weather performance and fuel economy due to multi grading
  • Smoother shifting of gears, long and enjoyable driving
  • Reduce gear friction and lower operating temperatures
  • Reduce gear tooth wear and extent the operating life of the gearbox
  • Low noise of gearbox and allow smoother gear changes
  • Eliminate “notchy” feel in manual gearboxes
  • Provide fuel economy

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