Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydride – PIBSA

Ganesh Benzoplast limited is manufacturer and exporter of Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydride. (PIBSA) We also manufacture wide range of lubricant additives for lube oil blending processes  and supply to major oil and lubricant industries in India as well as all around globe.

Our range of Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydride PIBSA, GL 1940 is a non-fatty, ash less, high viscosity surfactant additive, which is derived from polybutene. Used as an intermediate in the processing of oil soluble dispersants, Ganesh’s  Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydride GL 1940 is in compliance with prevailing industry standards. Due to accurate composition and purity, our range is also used in the formulation of emulsifiers.

Benefits of GL 1940 Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA) are:

  • Good wettability properties
  • Clean annealing characteristics
  • Good emulsibility properties
  • Nona staining towards aluminum
  • Lubricant additives
  • Drilling fluids

Handling of GL 1940 Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA)

  • Our range can withstand maximum temperature of 82 °C (180 °F)
  • Temperature required for long-term storage is 49 °C (120 °F)
  • Ordinary precautions to handle concentrated chemicals and blending additives into base oils should be observed

Physical Properties of GL 1940 Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA)

Specific gravity, at 15.6°C  ASTM D4052 0.954
Density, lb/gal at 60°F ASTM D4052 7.72
Flash, COC ° ASTM D92 200
Viscosity, CST at 100°C ASTM D445 900
Color, dilute  ASTM D1500 3.0

Write to us for your requirement about Polyisobutenyl Succinic Anhydride PIBSA, GL 1940  :

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