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Pour Point Depressant | Ganesh Benzoplast Limited

Pour Point Depressant PPD

Ganesh Benzoplast limited is manufacturer and exporter of Pour Point Depressant. Our Pour Point Depressant is widely use by Indian lubricant blending processors as well as international lube oil blending processing and lubricant formulations.

Features of Pour Point Depressant GL 3051 of Ganesh Benzoplast

Ganesh Benzoplast put forth a quality range of Pour Point Depressant (GL 3051), which reduces pour point of crude oil and increases its flow properties. Our range of Pour Point Depressant is used in applications where reduction of pour point is main objective. This depressant is recommended for use at 0.05 % to 0.5 % by weight or volume.

Typical Inspection Characteristics of Pour Point Depressant GL 3051 of Ganesh Benzoplast

Physical Characteristics:
Specific Gravity at 15.6 C (60 F) 0.92
Pounds per U.S. Gallon at 60 F 7.4
Pounds per I.M.P. Gallon at 60 F 8.88
Viscosity, CST at 100 C (210 F) 190
Viscosity, CST at 40 C 550

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