Quenching Oil Additive GL 1326

Ganesh Benzoplast limited manufacturer and exporter of GL 1326 Quenching Oil Additive which is widely used by India and all over the World. GL 1326 is a premium quality  multifunctional quenching oil additive for formulating quenching and heat transfer oils. GL 1326 has been developed to meet the most stringent North American and European standards, especially those for assuring clean and bright parts after heat treatment. It is highly effective oxidation  and thermal decomposition inhibitors eliminates sludging and staining, and significantly prolongs useful service life of this outstanding quench oil additive.

Formulations of Ganesh Benzoplast’s Quenching Oil Additive GL 1326

2.0 to 7.0%   by weight

In paraffinic base stocks to prepare ideal quenching oil  for use when deeper and more uniform hardening is required in steels and other metals having small grain size or wide variations in grain size, in steels lean in alloy content, when minimum distortion is required in high hardenability metals.

Applications of Ganesh Benzoplast’s Quenching Oil Additive GL 1326

  • Super fast quenching rates for maximum hardness. (Note: quench speed will be dependent on the base stock used)
  • Clean and bright finished parts.
  • Uniform hardness with minimum cracking and distortions.
  • Constant, predictable cooling rates.
  • Reduced sensitivity to variable agitation effects.
  • High thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Exceptional resistance to sludge and deposit formation determined by panel coker test
  • High flash point minimizes the danger of fire and smoke formation.
  • Outstanding corrosion inhibition.
  • Excellent ASTM D-3520 (GM Quenchometer) performance
  • Excellent panel coker test results
  • Good oxidative performance
  • Excellent heat transfer characteristics.
Additional Information of Ganesh Benzoplast’s Quenching Oil Additive GL 1326: