Thermic Fluid Additive GL 1329

Ganesh Benzoplast Limited manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Thermic Fluid additive GL 1329 which is multifunctional additive used for blending and formulating thermic fluids in India as well as around globe Thermic Fluid additive GL 1329 is highly effective oxidation and thermal decomposition inhibitors eliminates sludging and staining, and significantly prolongs useful service life.

Recommended dosage of GL 1329 Themic Fluid Additive of Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd

 2.0 to 7.0%   by weight

In suitable base stocks to prepare ideal thermic fluid for use In indirect closed heat transfer system up to 320 º C. For best life it should be used at or below 300 º C for continuous operation.

Features of GL 1329 Themic Fluid Additive of Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd

  • Long Life
  • Clean and bright finished parts.
  • Lower carbon deposits
  • Reduced sensitivity to variable agitation effects.
  • High thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Exceptional resistance to sludge and deposit formation determined by panel coker test
  • High flash point minimizes the danger of fire and smoke formation.
  • Outstanding corrosion inhibition.
  • Good oxidative performance
  • Excellent heat transfer characteristics

Additional Information about GL 1329 Themic Fluid Additive