Viscosity Index Improver;Viscosity Index Modifer

Ganesh Benzoplast limited manufacturer and exporter of wide range of Viscosity Index Improver (GL 3015) that is a non-dispersant olefin co-polymer viscosity modifier. Being precision engineered, our viscosity improver is ideal for providing low-temperature performance while maintaining excellent film strength and engine test performance.This oil concentrate of an olefinic copolymer is a viscosity index improver for crankcase lubricants especially where excellent shear stability is demanded.

Characteristics of Ganesh Benzoplast’s Viscosity Index Improver (GL 3015):

  • There is possibility of some loss in viscosity and in viscosity index because of the shear forces encountered in engine operation
  • It applies to all viscosity index improver
  • In this respect, our range performs excellently as evidenced by an average viscosity loss of 14 % at 100° C for SAE 15W-50 crankcase oils in over the road service

Formulations of Ganesh Benzoplast’s Viscosity Index Improver (GL 3015) 

SAE Grade                         Approximate Treatment % Volume or Weight
10W30 4.7-6.5
15W40 6.0-8.0
20W40 3.4 – 4.8
20W-50 5.6 – 8.0

Applications of Ganesh Benzoplast’s Viscosity Index Improver (GL 3015) 

  • GL 3015  Viscosity Index improver (VII) is used in suitable base stocks for preparing multi grade crankcase engine oils
  • The performance package and base stock used are the factors on which actual treatment levels depend on. A blend study is done for modifying the treatment level for a particular formulation

Technical specifications of Ganesh Benzoplast’s Viscosity Index Improver (GL 3015)

  • Specific gravity at 15.6 °C (60 °F) 0.872
  • Pounds per U.S. gallon at 1 5.6 °C 7.20
  • Pounds per IMP gallon at 15.6 °C 8.64
  • Viscosity at 100°C, CST 1,350
  • Physical form liquid
  • Shear stability index (by orphan) 40
  • Solubility characteristics soluble in mineral, ester synthetic and polyalphaolefin synthetic oils

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