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Plasticisers PVC and Polymers | Ganesh Benzoplast Limited

Benzoate Plasticizers

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Ganesh Benzoplast Best quality plasticisers for PVc and Plasticisers for polymer

Ganesh Benzoplast is manufacturer and exporter of Benzoate Plasticizers. Our product range comprises of Diethylene glycol dibenzoate (DEGDB), Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate (DPGDB) and other customised Benzoate plasticisers.

Benzoate Plasticizers for PVC

Best quality Plasticisers from Ganesh Benzoplast limited
  • Plasticiser for Emulsion PVC resin
  • Plasticiser for Suspension PVC resin
With the assistance of our experts, we are able to offer a wide range of Benzoate Plasticisers that is marketed under the brand name Benzoplast. High efficiency, low fusion temp with PVC and rapid processing production rate have made these plasticisers popular also among food industry.

Benzoate Plasticisers for Polymer and Rubber

  • PVA and co-polymer emulsion, acrylic emulsion
  • Printing inks
  • Nitrile rubber
  • Neoprene rubber

Various plasticisers grades available for specialised applications:
DiEthylene Glycol DiBzoate (DEGBD)
DiProlylene Glycol DiBenzoate (DPGDB)
Other Benzoates as per demand.

Ganesh Benzoplast also under take loan license for manufacturing plasticisers and lubricant blending.

Ganesh Benzoplast also offers heavy discounts on darked coloured plasticisers.


Contact us for your requirement of Benzoate Plasticizers

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