Ganesh Benzoplast is Manufacturer & Exporter of Benzoic Acid. Our food preservative range also comprises of Sodium Benzoate and Benzaldehyde.

Available with us is an effective range of Benzoic Acid, which is appreciated in international market for precise pH and accurate composition. Due to these high end features, our benzoic acid is extensively used in preserving foods, fats, fruit juices and alkaloidal solutions. Our technical grade Benzoic Acid is well accepted by paint manufacturers all over India and also by global paint industry.

Applications of Benzoic Acid:

  • Used in plasticizers, perfumes and dentifrices
  • Used in manufacture of benzoates and benzoyl compounds, dyes as a mordant in calico printing
  • Used as anti microbial agent, bacteriostatic & bactericidal agent in medicines
  • Used as an anti fungal agent
  • Excellent chain terminator in polymerisation process

Grades and forms of Benzoic acid :

  • IP/ BP/ USP/NF/FCC IV (Powder)
  • Technical (Flakes)

Packaging Of Benzoic Acid:

25 kg paper bags with liner and 500/1000 kg jumbo bags with liner.

Additional Information:

IUPAC name: Benzoic acid, benzene carboxylic acid

Other names: Carboxybenzene, E210, dracylic acid

CAS number:[65-85-0]

Molecular Formula:C7H6O2; C6H5COOH