Strong Expertise in Chemistry

Ganesh Benzoplast Limited is the best manufacturer, exporter and supplier of
Sodium Benzoate,  Benzoic Acid, Lubricant Additives,
Fuel Additives, Performance Chemicals
since 1988.


Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade, E211,Class 2 Chemical Preservative, Food Preservatives and Pharmaceutical Therapeutic and Excipient


Food Grade for Food Preservation: Pharmaceutical Grades, Technical Grade for Paint Industry and Chain Terminator for Polymer Industry

Industrial Lubricant Additives

Gear Oil Additives
Hydraulic Oil Additives
Transmission Fluid Additives
Metal Working Fluid Additives
Rust Preventive Oil Additives
Quenching Oil Additives
Thermic Fluid Additives
Grease Additives

Engine Oil Additives
Fuel Oil Additives

Heavy-Duty Engine Oil Additives
2T Oil Additives
CNG Engine Oil Additives
Passenger Car Oil Additives
Marine Engine Oil Additives
Motorcycle Oil Additives
Gasoline Additives
Diesel Oil Additives

Performance Chemicals

Viscosity Modifiers
Pour Point Depressants
TBN Boosters
Octane Boosters
C-tane Boosters
Antiwear Additives


    Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate
    Calcium Petroleum Sulphonate
    Barium Petroleum Sulphonate
    Magnesium Petroleum Sulphonates


Sulphurised Extreme Pressure Additives
Zinc Dithiophosphates
ZDDP AntiOxidants
Corrossion Inhibitors

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Standing Out From Other Suppliers!

No other industry player is as integral and deeply invested so many years as Ganesh Benzoplast in the manufacture of Sodium Benzoate, Benzoic Acid.
With largest production plants of Sodium Benzoate and Benzoic Acid in India and full range of Lubricant Additives, best quality raw material and quality assurance at every stage. Customers associated with Ganesh get best quality and substantial competitive advantages.

Commitment to the Industry!

With an in-depth understanding of the chemistries, technologies, processes, specifications, and global market needs, Ganesh Benzoplast fulfill legal market needs of the diverse industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to food to beverages to lubricants and fuels manufacturers.
Through research and innovations, Ganesh create chemistry to meet current and future need of industries.

committed to your economics and success!